Low Emissions Neighbourhood comes to Shoreditch

June 22, 2018 by  

A Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN) is going to occupy parts of Shoreditch.

The idea is that the LEN will be rolled out in sections of Shoreditch during the course of [Read more]

Supplying Artwork

May 21, 2018 by  

We print from your existing artwork  using the following software:

MAC  …..Adobe Creative Suite

PC……    MS Word, PDF, JPEG and EPS

Ideally we would like high resolution images at least 400 dpi or better.  So please check before sending.  We can adjust the file for you at a small charge.

All FONTS AND IMAGES should be embedded.  Any adjustment can be undertaken at small charge.

POWERPOINT, PUBLISHER and WORD, files may have varying results from machine to machine and version to version.  So please save files to PDF. Before sending to us.

This reminder is produced to save you money and speed up turn around times.

Please email us your art files to:  shoreditch@minutemanpress.com

Larger art files can be sent via:  wetransfer.com

Burmese restaurant opens within Shoreditch

May 19, 2018 by  

A Burmese eatery has opened on Shoreditch’s Bethnal Green Road recently.

The restaurant will offer consumers a taste of the diverse cuisine of Myanmar. Burmese cooking is known to be [Read more]

First impressions count – A case for professional logo design.

May 16, 2018 by  

First impressions are incredibly important in the world of business, so with the help of a professional logo design, you can make your first impressions count.

It is said that a customer makes a decision within a third of a second of their first encounter with the business on whether to actually consider their products for purchase.  If the company logo is the first thing they see about the business this be all it takes to either hook them into exploring the company’s products further or walking away.

A good logo is also essential for any business because it forms the foundation of the wider corporate brand.

As the business grows, the organisation will often market their logo and brand together across various media elements, including printed material, promotional products, business stationary and online content.

This is where Minuteman Press can help.

Whilst some of the best known organisations  ‘do branding’ well, as a matter of course.  There are still many who don’t understand the difference between a company logo and the corporate brand.  Let’s take Nike for an example; their ‘Swoosh’ is a symbol, Coco cola’s italised name or even McDonalds golden arches are just symbols.  These are an easily recognisable symbol which the public associate with the company.

The brand however represents much more than a simple symbol, it is a holistic perception of the experience that the customer will get when engaging with a particular organisation.

The brand is part of every touch point of the business.  Like customer service, fast turnaround, quality products or a no quibble refund; if a customer is not satisfied with the product or service.

Branding can be as diverse as:

  • Commercials
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Product packaging or promotion
  • Store design and product placement

More specifically the difference between the logo and brand is that the company logo is a visual queue to the brain to recall experiences associated with the brand experience.

That’s why at Minutemanpress-Shoreditch we work with our customers to understand their brand, before designing their logo.





What’s the difference?


The benefits of professionally designed Logo


Our great design offer for May & June 2018

Design service for £50.00


Shoreditch bar to feature Japanese garden

April 20, 2018 by  

Shoreditch’s Untitled bar and restaurant shall include a garden in the Japanese style.

Untitled is owned by Tony Conigliario, a mixologist with a [Read more]

How to make Branded Products work for your business

April 6, 2018 by  

Giving your customers a useful functional promotional product with your company’s details to say thank you, or to celebrate an event i.e. an anniversary, could be the catalyst for them to call you, rather than a competitor.

Using promotional merchandise at exhibitions now has become the norm, for example ball point pens or keyrings are often given away to untargeted customers at exhibtions.  However, when you are re-engaging existing customers, you may want to think a little harder… You could try using branded food and drinks.

The beauty of branded promotional products that you don’t have to limit them to customers, why not try issuing these to staff – branded mugs, t-shirts and mouse matts are just a few ideas. These can work as additional forms of marketing when staff utilise these out of the normal working environment.

There are actually so many ways to utilise branded products i business and can be tailored to your customers, your business and your budget.

Continental Market comes to Wentworth Street

March 26, 2018 by  

Pettycoat lane market is only one of the traditional markets in E1, established for over a 100 years, flowing from Middlesex Street and Wentworth road, opens every day between 10:00 – 15:00 and specialised for many of those years in fabrics and lace any anything to do with the East End ‘Rag-trade’, but ‘time stands for no man’ and with time, both the area and the character of the market has changed. Today the main component of the market is made up of a diverse range of food stalls, you can find any kind of street food in the Market from Indian, Spanish, Vietnamese to Turkish. The delicious food smalls start to permeate the local streets from 10am onwards.

This year the local council is encouraging more people to visit the area by having a Continental Market on Wentworth Street, offering additional options of continental foods, fresh food produce, leather goods and crafts. The Continental Market will run from the 4th of April to the 7th and I for one cannot wait to see what the market will have to offer.

Shoreditch’s art wall unveiled

March 22, 2018 by  

Philip Glanville, the mayor for Hackney, has unveiled an updated Shoreditch Art Wall.

The art wall is a feature of Great Eastern Street and has has been used for [Read more]

Eight ways to repurpose your old Business Cards

March 8, 2018 by  

As an entrepreneur/business person you acquire new business cards with each new professional role you take on, therefore the expected shelf life for a lot of business cards is a couple of years. By then, you’ve probably given out many and have another 150 sitting in a cardboard box or just lying around at the bottom of your desk drawer, that’s a lot of paper going to waste.  There are however many alternative ways to use old business cards, here are just some:

  1. Use as a Bookmark
  2. Repurpose and use as gift tags
  3. The thicker card used to produce our business cards work perfectly as labels for files and folders
  4. Use as Moving box labels or Luggage tags
  5. Use the reverse side of a single sided business card as a place card
  6. Keep some business cards in your bag with crayons, for small projects to keep children entertained…….for a little while anyway
  7. Use as Hamster cage filler

You can compost the business cards or cut them down and use as plant markers

Shoreditch eatery launches bar menu

February 21, 2018 by  

A fresh bar menu has been created at Lyle’s, a restaurant in Shoreditch.

Lyle’s will offer customers a range of lunch favourites and dinner snacks in a supplement to the current [Read more]

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