Social enterprise helps homeless people in Sheffield

February 20, 2018 by  

Sheffield’s Proove is working with Foodinate to assist homeless people.

Proove is a pizza restaurant working in conjunction with Foodinate in an enthusiastic manner. Foodinate works with a range of food outlets to make donations to people experiencing deprivation. Proove is located in Broomhill within Sheffield. Business card printing from Sheffield can be used by enterprises in the food industry.

Deepak Jaiswal, the proprietor of Proove, told The Star:

“The importance of community is fundamental within our company and is one of our five key values that drives our business decisions. When we were approached about Foodinate, I knew instantly that this was something we wanted to do. Being able to provide meals to those in need is so rewarding.”

Proove has a restaurant in Manchester as well as its Sheffield outlet. The Manchester branch is situated within West Didsbury. As a whole, the Proove team donated almost 2,400 meals in a period of about a month. This feat has been accorded record status within the parameters of the Foodinate initiative.

Caroline Stevenson founded Foodinate and has praised the efforts of all the eateries which make the project possible. However, she has clarified that Proove is worthy of its extra recognition.

A Sheffield councillor has been really impressed by the scheme. Jayne Dunne has some responsibility for communities in the city. Councillor Dunne has paid tribute to the generosity of Sheffield residents.