Business card printing in Glasgow print shops

Companies in Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow should not overlook the good old business card when it comes to finding effective ways to market themselves. Not only are Print company in business cards printing services business cards a simple and effective way to market your employees to business contacts, they also leave potential clients with an impression of your company itself. Therefore, when looking for Print company in print shops printing services print shops in Glasgow to produce your company business cards, you need to ensure that the professionalism of your company is reflected in this small but valuable piece of marketing.

If you wish to use images on your business card, or your company logo involves a photographic image, ensure that the image is supplied to the printer in a high resolution. A poor quality image will stand out on your business card for the wrong reasons and portray the wrong impression.

Colour photographs, or a colour background, can work better printed on glossy paper stock, however the look of your business card should be in keeping with your company and so you may find that, depending on the nature of your business, a more subtle look with Print company in printing printing services printing on uncoated paper stock for instance may be a more suitable alternative to high gloss paper.

Print shops in Glasgow, such as Minuteman Press, will be able to advise on how to supply images, and the most suitable paper to use, to achieve the look you require.

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