Different uses for brochures

When Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow based companies think of Print company in brochure printing printing services brochure printing, they typically think of a company brochure to display their products or services to potential clients. Brochures need to be well designed, glossy and stylish with enough detail to whet customers’ appetites.

However, there are different, more innovative ways to re-invigorate the standard company brochure and potentially gain more interest and a better reaction from clients. Even the most straightforward piece of company literature can be presented in a different way.
For instance, poster brochures are a novel idea.

This means designing your brochure in such a way that when all parts are read and it has been opened up, it is designed as a poster. These are distributed as a normal brochure but with the final image forming an impactful poster design conveying the image or the spirit of the product or service you are trying to sell. You will get additional exposure as the poster will remain a constant reminder to customers.

Companies looking for Print company in brochure printers in Glasgow printing services brochure printers in Glasgow need look no further than Minuteman Press, as we are experienced in brochure and Print company in catalogue printing printing services catalogue printing. Glasgow businesses wanting to invigorate their company literature can work closely with them to produce the kinds of brochures and catalogues that are going to get their customers talking.

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