Designing postcards for marketing

Businesses in Print company in Edinburgh printing services Edinburgh are likely to recognise the effectiveness of postcards as a marketing tool. Cost effective, impactful and with proven results; postcard marketing is certainly a smart way to engage with customers.

Recognising the benefits is the first step. Next your company needs to work on the postcard design itself. There is not a lot of space on a postcard and getting the design wrong can negate any benefits that your postcard may have. The key is to be concise, with very few words and pictures. You need a heading to grab attention, and most likely a call to action, but you cannot tell the whole story with a postcard, which is why postcards are so effective at lead generation. You will have only a matter of seconds to catch your customer’s attention before they put the postcard aside, so you must make this time count.

If your company has recognised the importance of postcards in marketing and is looking for Print company in postcard printing in Edinburgh printing services postcard printing in Edinburgh, then you may choose to use a local printer such as Minuteman Press. Working closely with a local printer means that you can develop how best to execute your design to ensure the most effective results possible.

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