How to hand out flyers

There are several Print company in printers in Edinburgh printing services printers in Edinburgh, such as Minuteman Press, who can assist you with Print company in leaflet printing in Edinburgh printing services leaflet printing in Edinburgh. There is no doubt that flyers and leaflets are a very economical way for Print company in Edinburgh printing services Edinburgh businesses to distribute their message to large numbers of people. You may find flyers attached to the windscreen of your car or handed to you as you are shopping so it is clear that there are a number of ways for flyers to be distributed to target audiences for companies in the area.

The main approach is to get your flyers into the hands of as many people as possible. Standing in a specific location with a high footfall is a good idea, somewhere like a shopping centre. People can be busy and may not take your flyer but as you have a higher number of people passing in locations like this there is a better chance of take up.

If you cannot get into a shopping centre, or are moved on by staff, try to walk along a well walked route around town centres. In some respects, you can be more targeted in this way by identifying certain areas of the town centre where your company’s key audiences hang out.

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