Quality and quantity in brochure printing

When looking to print product brochures or catalogues for your company, the first thing to think of is what you want this piece of literature to do. Are you planning to mail this out to as many prospective customers as possible? If you are, you need a lightweight piece of marketing in order to make distribution costs as cheap as possible. Or are you looking to use this brochure or catalogue face to face with customers? If this is the case, a larger, glossier piece of material may be in order. Quality is everything when showcasing your company’s offering.

When it comes to how many to order, again, you need to come back to the question of what you need this piece of literature to do. Will it be used as a showcase in presentations or handed out at a trade fair for instance? Is the information time sensitive? If it is not you should print as many as your budget allows.

Once the print job is set up, run on costs can actually be very cost effective so ordering a larger quantity can work out very cheap. Here, at Minuteman Press, we are Print company in brochure printers in East Kilbride printing services brochure printers in East Kilbride – working with local businesses to make sure they do not lose out on either quality or quantity, when it comes to brochure and Print company in catalogue printing in East Kilbride printing services catalogue printing in East Kilbride.

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