Heath Robinson Museum helped by children

October 14, 2016 by  

Pupils from a school in Northwood have assisted in the promotion of the Heath Robinson Museum (HRM).

Children in attendance at St Helen’s School, which is on Eastbury Road, have stepped forward to support the museum, which is located within the memorial park at Pinner, which is not distant from Northwood. Museum staff might use postcard printing from Ruislip Manor for promotional purposes going forward.

Phillip Snell, a trustee of the museum with an interest in education, said:

“Our thanks to St Helen’s for joining in the fun and for designing something unique for the opening of this long-awaited museum celebrating the genius and talent of William Heath Robinson.”

Heath Robinson became famous during the 1930s. In this decade, he was known for his pictures of intricate gadgets. The complicated machines were only intended to deliver simple outcomes.

The opening of the HRM was designed to be really entertaining. The famous children’s writer Michael Rosen was asked to the event.

The representatives of St Helen’s School are enthusiastic about inventions. Those who designed the contraption in question were members of a relevant club. They were careful to preserve the secrecy surrounding their work prior to the date scheduled for the demonstration to the public. Nonetheless, the fact that the design is an original homage to the imagination of Heath Robinson was not concealed.