Romford consultation about Lower Thames Crossing

October 28, 2018 by  

Enterprises in Romford will be able to talk about the plans for the Lower Thames Crossing.

On November 30, firms within the Romford area will have a great opportunity to make their views heard in relation to the crossing. Poster printing can be used to assist with communication issues at various events.

The current chair for the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, Christian Brodie, is upbeat about the proposals. He told the Romford Recorder:

“This marks the important next step for this urgently needed and game changing project which will help us drive forward the economy of the South East. I would urge every business to back this vital investment in infrastructure and participate in the consultation.”

Councillor Teresa O’Neill is also highly positive about the project. As head of the borough of Bexley, she is right behind the consultative process. She believes that local economic growth will receive a welcome boost from fresh transport infrastructure connected to the Thames Gateway vision.

The Chief Executive Officer at Kent Chambers of Commerce, Jo James, endorsed the Lower Thames Crossing concept. This is because it might help the region to attain greater levels of prosperity in the future.

There is a broad coalition of councils and private sector organisations that have come together to support the initiative. The period set aside for the consultation exceeds two months.