Redditch business wins enterprise award

May 17, 2018 by  

A Redditch-based firm secured the Queen’s Enterprise Award (QEA) this year.

TP3 Global is located on an industrial estate within the boundaries of Redditch. It won the QEA because of its remarkable achievements. The company scored highly for using innovation to facilitate international trade. Business cards from Redditch can be used to promote organisations which boost commerce.

The President of TP3 Global, Clive Wheeldon, told the Redditch Standard:

“We are extremely proud to achieve the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for international trade. Our commitment to providing market-leading products, innovation and high-quality customer service has resulted in working with the industry’s leading pharmaceutical companies.”

TP3 Global delivers thermal protection for delicate cargo. This innovation can be handy for a variety of organisations around the world. Based in Heming Road, the company seems to punch above its weight.

TP3 Global was not the only business from the region to obtain recognition at the prestigious event. The First Class Pet Company got deserved praise for its contribution to trade, while the innovations of Metrasens attracted really positive feedback.

Ken Pollock, a county councillor for Worcestershire, has some responsibility for the infrastructure and the economy of the area. Councillor Pollock praised all three local businesses for their performance. He hopes that the success will highlight the point that Worcestershire is a great location for various enterprises. He wants more corporations to invest in the county going forward.