Lottery funding boost for Redditch youth group

April 22, 2018 by  

Redditch’s Your Ideas Youth and Community Group has received almost £320,000 in funding from the lottery.

The Big Lottery Fund has got behind Your Ideas Youth and Community Group because of its commitment to tackling the difficulties faced by people suffering from autism. The youth organisation currently runs Spectrum Projects for young adults and children. The injection of £319,749 has ensured that the initiatives will be maintained for several years. Printing services from Redditch may be used by the third sector for promotional purposes.

Jordan Cooke is a project manager at the organisation. Over 100 individuals attend the group on a weekly basis. The scheme reduces social isolation and empowers people to overcome a variety of challenges. Cooke told Worcester News:

“Your Ideas largely relies on grant funding to operate. Whilst we are always looking for ways to make our organisation sustainable, this fund allows us to continue our work with over 100 young people a week. When a grant runs out its unfortunately not just as simple as getting another grant. For every successful grant we get, we apply for three or four unsuccessfully.”

Cooke underlined how happy he is that the lottery money has been secured. He stated that the organisation has been rewarded for its hard work in the community.

Friendship groups can assist people with autism to build up their confidence. Volunteering opportunities might also be a positive option for them to consider.