Start-ups may thrive in central Reading hub

March 12, 2017 by  

Freelancers and small firms might get off to a flying start in a new development within Reading.

The new office is situated in the town centre, on Kings Road – the White Building. If entrepreneurs do well here, then they may need business card printing in Reading for promotional purposes.

Elliot Gold and David Kosky are the founders of the Work.Life initiative. Kosky told Get Reading:

“People often talk about a work and life balance, especially if you’re running your own business, but there’s no real balance between work and life. So the idea is we can’t make people love their jobs but we can make an environment that people love to come to.”

The office space measures 10,000 square feet and it will be possible for individuals to use the facilities on a flexible basis. However, it will also be feasible for people to make more of a commitment. The options available will include co-working, hot desking and private space.

The location was primarily selected because of its proximity to relevant transport infrastructure. Nevertheless, the fact that the White Building is close to eateries and retail outlets is also of some importance. The vision behind the project is partly about fostering fun in a professional setting. Hence the future may involve food tasting, pizza nights and networking breakfasts.