Reading’s Green Park Village faces delay

March 18, 2018 by  

The proposals for Green Park Village within Reading are currently on hold.

The initiative involves the potential construction of almost 460 homes. The plan has suffered a temporary setback because of concern in relation to parking provision. Print shops in Reading can get more business when the local economy is boosted by construction.

A councillor for Whitley Ward, Emmett McKenna, told Get Reading:

“I am very uncomfortable supporting this application that would disadvantage so many residents in affordable housing.”

Councillor McKenna wants new plans because residents and visitors might have been inconvenienced by the parking policy. Visitors to the housing would have been obliged to pay for the privilege of parking, while there could well have been insufficient parking spaces for residents if all the tenants had vehicles.

The decision has only been delayed so the issue could be addressed. If a solution is found then the Green Park Village may get the green light. Construction of several tower blocks might still occur. However, the developer was forced to pause its progress last year so it cannot be assumed that any future vision will be acceptable to the planning committee of Reading Borough Council.

If the building work eventually goes ahead, residents may gain from the opening of a railway station in the area. Green Park station should be ready before the summer of 2020.