Reading charity helps out baby unit

June 15, 2017 by  

Babies in Buscot Support (BIBS), a charity based in Reading, has improved a local hospital’s family room.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital ward in question provides essential care for unwell children. In the past, fundraising from BIBS has delivered incubators to a unit there. This was possible because of the Saving Tiny Lives campaign. Local charities can use newsletter printing from Reading to showcase their achievements in the future.

The chief executive for BIBS, Sarah Critchely, told Get Reading:

“The new Family Room is bright, welcoming, and homely. Somewhere people can really relax and escape to.”

The adaptations to the room will make a significant difference to the experience of many of those using the ward. This is primarily because of the provision of hot beverages, comfortable furniture and toys. The toys will be of importance for young visitors to the ward.

BIBS is a charity with a great track record when it comes to attracting donations. The organisation frequently does well because of its participation in events. Down the years, a half marathon in Reading proved to be a handy source of funds. Three years ago, runners from BIBS contrived to raise over £16,000.

Gina Outram, a sister at the hospital, expressed her gratitude to BIBS. Furthermore, she stated that the early feedback from families has been highly positive.