Possibility of more student accommodation in Reading

January 10, 2018 by  

Student flats might be constructed on the site of an old Reading pub.

Demolition of the empty building within Waldeck Street could free up space for apartments to house University of Reading students. Brochure printers in Reading may be used to showcase any accommodation in the region. The Woodley Arms would have to come down and Reading Borough Council would have to grant planning permission for the specific scheme to go ahead.

However, planning permission will not be provided without some scrutiny from a committee. Steve Vigar, a council officer, has made the initiative less likely to get the green light than it could otherwise have been. His report stated that the proposed flats may be “overly dominant, alien and jarring” because of their potential scale.

The vision behind the project involves 38 flats being built. The flats would be divided into two separate blocks of 2.5 storeys. However, a brief look at local history underlines the difficulties involved with regard to translating the idea into reality.

Back in 2014, it was envisaged that four flats would replace the old pub. However, the residences were never built. During the course of 2016, an initiative associated with 40 student flats also came to nothing. This failure to convert the site into something useful was the result of an appeal held in February.