Pop-up art gallery brightens up Redditch

May 12, 2017 by  

A pop-up art gallery has been established in Redditch’s Kingfisher Shopping Centre.

Steve Pound, an artist who has lived in Redditch for a few years, is showcasing his original efforts in the pop-up gallery. He has been inspired by a local water tower. This structure is distinctive and has even been described as iconic. Artists can use booklet printers within Redditch to inform people about their work. Pound told the Redditch Standard:

“The sea in the picture is actually a photo I took of Weymouth Bay, and it just fascinates me to take an image and turn it into reality. Global warming is such a concern – the picture shows Redditch after the seas have risen showing just the water tower left of our town.”

The artist has captured the water tower by using digital methods and this innovative approach has made it possible for him to combine a wide range of techniques.

Pound, 43, studied the subject of fine art back in college. However, he has upgraded his skills by engaging in lifelong learning. By doing further courses, he has become familiar with modern technology and can employ up-to-date techniques.

Several of the works of Pound can be purchased for less than £40 each and his original framed works have been displayed next to the efforts of local artists.