Library events in Reading on the way

February 18, 2018 by  

Reading Central Library (RCL) is continuing to host a series of cultural events.

The project aims to celebrate reading. Reading International and Hogarth Productions have engaged in a partnership to organise the sessions. Logo design from Reading can help a variety of businesses to achieve progress within the knowledge economy. The events are focused on encouraging young people to attend libraries.

Artwork created by Jesper List Thompson is being displayed within the library. Visitors will be able to appreciate them if they come up a level from the street. Thompson has produced something abstract that is meant to illustrate how reading connects with the body.

In early March, it will be possible for visitors to view an installation at RCL. Ghislaine Leung has come up with the idea of making art from library materials. Objects from the various collections shall be combined with materials that she has sourced elsewhere. Leung has the intention of displaying modified furniture as the result of this process.

Cally Spooner has created a library jingle. Berzerk Productions’ Matt Whitelock provided assistance with this initiative. The jingle was performed by Esme Kennedy, Millie Gaynor, Harrison Newman, Alex Harvey, Katie Gould and Erin Taylor.

David Conroy has decided to collaborate with a pair of theatre groups. His idea was to translate a Japanese work into English. The resulting audiobook should become a feature of the loan collection.