Homeless café to open within Reading

May 17, 2018 by  

A café that aims to assist rough sleepers shall open in Reading during June.

The project is being headed by a charitable organisation called New Beginnings. Letterheads from Reading can be useful for groups within the third sector. The homeless café shall be based at a former pub. The Queen’s Arms was situated on Great Knollys Street. Grace Gomez is one of the trustees behind the initiative and she told Get Reading:

“We want to help provide the essentials people need, and that can only happen with kind donations from others. We are also accepting donations of shampoo, shower gels and other hygiene products because someone that has to choose between food and those kinds of products should be able to get them somewhere.”

The aspiration of New Beginnings is that it can make common cause with a community food network. This will enable the provision of food to those who desperately need something to eat at lunchtime. Vegetables and fruit should be featured frequently on the menu.

Gomez is not worried whether or not somebody just needs a helping hand in the short-term. She is aware that some individuals do require regular assistance and she will not be judging people at all. However, there will not be tolerance shown to drug consumption. Safeguarding training will be provided to the volunteers who come forward to put something back into their community.