Heathrow expansion could benefit Reading

November 14, 2016 by  

A third runway at Heathrow Airport may bring economic benefits to Print company in Reading printing services Reading.

The property developer Nigel Howe, who is chief executive at Reading FC, argues that plans to expand the airport should raise the international profile of the whole area. This could help the development at Royal Elm Park (REP). Print company in Print companies printing services Print companies within Reading have the potential to promote this project. Howe said:

“An expanded hub at Heathrow will significantly enhance the attractiveness of the Thames Valley for investment and bring with it wider international reach, new opportunities and enhanced interconnectivity that will have a major impact on the future economic development of the region.”

The proposals for REP will be assessed by the local authority before the end of the year. RFC Developments worked to put the plan together. If the vision gets the green light from local authorities, then 1,000 jobs should be created in Reading.

REP Developments is located in close proximity to the town’s Madejski Stadium. It is hoped that inward investment will be stimulated by the creation of the park.

The idea is that work on the site could be completed within the next six years. The initiative may see the construction of additional leisure facilities and flats. In addition, the scheme involves the building of a centre for conventions as well as a hotel.