Expansion of Deliveroo within Reading continues

July 14, 2017 by  

The growth of food delivery service Deliveroo in Reading will be enhanced by the brand new Editions Service.

The start of the Editions Service will see many more of the restaurants of Reading being listed by the delivery app. The expansion of the Deliveroo service will broaden the local choices available to consumers.

Eateries which wish to promote their distinctive offers can also boost customer awareness by using leaflets from Reading. The Thali Cafe, an Indian restaurant that has received an award, was the first business to be showcased via the Reading Editions Service (RES).

It has been suggested that the development of Deliveroo has already had a positive impact on Reading’s restaurant sector, with estimates that 150 new posts have been generated as a result of the Deliveroo service. Over 50 restaurants have contributed to this outcome.

It has been predicted that the RES will see more new jobs being created. With more eateries getting involved in the scheme soon, this does not appear to be an unlikely forecast.

The Deliveroo service facilitates research into local tastes as well. In 2016, the favourite dish in Reading was a Japanese curry sourced from the Coconut Bar & Kitchen. This was a slightly more unusual option than the Byron burgers preferred in Bristol, Brighton, London, Newcastle and Plymouth. Over 40% of Reading foodies appreciate spicy food.