Why high street print shops are still the best for your needs

Despite the rise in online printing services, bricks-and-mortar print shops are still the preferred way to order printed literature. Whether it’s posters, brochures or wedding invitations, people trust their local print shops. With the rise in “clicks-and-mortar” printers, you get all the benefits of online ordering with a real-life presence in the high street.

There are many reasons why local print shops work. For the older trader, not used to internet commerce, they’re a godsend as he can chat about his needs, discuss his ideas and be given all the help he needs to put his brochure or flyer together – all without ever seeing a PDF or computer mouse. But even seasoned internet users appreciate the ease with which they can upload files to print shops and see real-life, rather than virtual proofs by return. This is important when you are uploading photos and images for use in posters or brochures. What looks perfectly acceptable on screen can become a pixelated jumble when enlarged onto paper.

Digital printing presses have proven a tremendous advantage to print shops, allowing them to offer a print-on-demand service to local businesses. Unlike web-based firms, they can build up a good rapport with their customers, understanding their needs and, effectively, providing a full marketing service. Of course, quality is another issue. You’re unlikely to hear complaints about the service or products we at Minuteman Press provide. Compare this to web-based firms, whose customers are ordering on faith from suppliers who could be located halfway round the world.

Print shops have changed enormously in recent years. Nowadays, companies like us at Minuteman Press offer a full creative design service, with advanced layout software and the latest digital and offset presses. With us at Minuteman Press, you have unlimited options on finishes, paper stock, layout and size – with that extra touch of originality that ensures you stand out from your competitors. Whether you order online or direct from our print shops, you get the same high level of service.