Shops ‘popping up’ all over UK

June 5, 2010 by  

Pop up shop are really in fashion right now. The recession in the UK has hit the retail industry hard and most high streets will have more than their fair share of empty retail units until estate agents can find companies looking to expand, or new businesses starting up who want to take this space – no easy task at the moment.

Hence, the arrival of pop up shops.

Pop up shops can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to road test a new idea or get into a high street to market their products and get consumers to experience their brand on a temporary basis. Fun, innovative and most importantly, cost effective, pop ups can be found cropping up in high streets everywhere – and not just pop up shops. Pop up bars, pop up galleries or even restaurants can be found, creating a stir in the local area.

Dressing the retail space is essential to its appeal. If you are only in a town or city high street for a few weeks, it is essential to ensure you have as much presence as possible on the high street. This is good news for local printing companies. Businesses looking for POS printing or poster printing can find printers in the area who can help turn around printed materials in a short lead time. Pop ups make good commercial sense when trying a new shop format or an untested city for a brand but the quicker you can get your pop up shop up and running the better value it will be.