Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year 2010

December 27, 2009 by  

A competition for the above accolade, which is run in conjunction with Eastern Exhibition and Display, will take place early in the New Year. There is not much time to register an entry. The deadline is 14th January.

The aim of the accolade is to identify companies which are performing best financially, who have high client ratings, have an excellent portfolio and who are rated as ‘formidable’ by their peers, such as other design companies and print companies.

Agencies are researched and the top agencies which fit the criteria are identified ‘as up and coming’. There is also an award for Managing Director of the Year. Agencies are judged on evidence from four criteria. Creative poll, financial poll, client satisfaction poll and peer poll.

There is no restriction on the size of your business in order to take part. It is open to both small and large firms. The award will be a prestigious accolade for the winning agency. The accolade will be awarded to the agency that performs best across all of the four polls.

The results will be announced at the Scottish Design Lunch which will take place in March 2010. There is still time to make an entry. You just take part in an online questionnaire and submit it by 14th January. This is followed by the submission of your creative work which will be judged by the panel of Scottish judges. If you think your agency is worthy of the accolade Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year 2010, get your entry in.