Salford City Council Media City UK

December 31, 2009 by  

Funding has been secured to build a large 53,000ft Media Enterprise Centre (MEC) at Salford quays as part of its MediaCityUK development. The aim of the centre is to support and nurture new and existing media talent. The MEC is being financed by:

“£4.2 million from the European Regional Development Fund, £3.8 million from the NWDA and additional funding from Salford City Council”

The new centre will be able to offer a range of options to both individuals and businesses. There will be specialist training facilities, access to advisors from a range of agencies, access to the NorthernNet digital media network and flexible office space.

Salford City Council wants the centre to be a ‘hothouse’ of digital development, one which should provide a lot of business for print companies in the area. They envisage the centre as becoming one of excellence to the games industry and:

“An international research centre for innovation and research into digital media markets and technologies”

The MEC will also be open to community groups, where they can learn new skills and create media content. SCC describes the centre as being “a vital component” of MediaCityUK.

The centre promises to be world class. This is a most encouraging development for the region, especially in such a hard economic climate. The recession may have reached the worst point but it is generally agreed that the recovery will be a long affair. Investment in facilities such as these is vital for a successful future.

MediaCityUK should prove to be a major asset to the media industry.