Police request help of print industry to combat fake IDs

January 4, 2010 by  

The British police force are asking for the help of the UK print industry, and printing companies up and down the length and breadth of the country, to help them combat the creation and printing of fake ID cards.

The police are hoping that the manufacturers of the specialist printing equipment that is used to create fake IDs will assist them in monitoring who has access to it and what it is being used for. The equipment can be used to produce fake ID cards and even passports, when in the wrong hands.

The police are asking that manufacturers and distributors create profiles of their customers, the print companies in the UK whom they sell the machines to, so that any suspicious purchases can be reported to the police.

Detective chief inspector Nick Downing said that 90 different entities have agreed to help the police to control who has access to the equipment, with the 90 entities making up around 75% of the print industry.

However, the final 25% is more difficult for the police to monitor as it consists of 10,000 small print companies in the UK, distributers and resellers.

It has been suggested that if the smaller print companies and resellers do not help them monitor the sale of equipment that can be used for creating fake documents, regulations may have to be introduced to ensure compliance. However, the police are still hopeful that this will not be necessary and those small print companies will voluntarily comply with their requests.