Motorists targeted by shock posters

October 15, 2010 by  

A town in Wales has resorted to shock tactics to help reduce the number of children becoming road accident victims as a result of speeding drivers or badly parked cars close to schools. Enlisting the expertise of companies offering poster printing and postcard printing, Glanymor and Tyisha Communities Action Group have used pupils from local primary schools in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire in a series of scenes mocked up to replicate potential road accidents. The emergency services in Llanelli also featured in the shots that will be turned into posters and postcards. Roads in the area were cordoned off to allow shots of the mock accidents to be taken. A make-up artist was enlisted to make the children up and a local photographer, Graham Harries, from Llanelli Photographic Society took the photographs.

When produced, the postcards will be distributed and left on badly parked cars outside schools to highlight the dangers that this can pose to pupils crossing the roads. The posters will be used to highlight the dangers of speeding on the roads around local schools. It is hoped that by recreating these shocking scenes and using pupils from the area in hard hitting images, the community group can get across the message to dangerous drivers that it could be a local child that they might know whose life they risk by carelessly driving or parking near schools. The posters will also be distributed to local schools to make pupils aware of the dangers they face on the roads outside school.