Health and Safety in the print room

December 15, 2009 by  

An incident which happened in November highlights the importance of regular reviews of heath and safety procedures in print rooms.

A Hampshire man got his arm stuck between two print rollers and had to be cut free by emergency services. The 21 year old man was trapped in the machine for well over an hour. It was a race against time to free him. His arm was being crushed between the rollers.

It took 15 fire fighters to free the unfortunate man, who was obviously experiencing a lot of pain. A doctor administered powerful pain killers. The main concern was no blood supply to his arm; the man could end up losing his limb.

Fire fighters and staff had to dismantle the machine using an electric saw, hydraulic cutters and crowbars. It was said:

it could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the quick reactions of the staff turning off the power to the machine

The man was eventually freed after more than 90 minutes. The ordeal was over and, fortunately, the signs of recovery were good, to the relief of all concerned. He was taken to hospital and was said to be recovering.

The printing company’s health and safety executive were conducting an investigation into the incident. Such incidents are rare, again fortunately, but they can happen even with up to date safety features. So, print firms, it is essential to keep your health and safety people very pro-active and up to date.