Brochures get into another fine mess

October 7, 2010 by  

Print company in Brochure printers printing services Brochure printers will be looking for a repeat order as a tourist board has made an error when it has come to Print company in printing printing services printing a brochure to promote their area. The tourist office in County Durham had commissioned printing materials with a leaflet and map of the area and laid claim to Bishop Auckland being the birth place of Stan Laurel, half of legendary comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. However, Stan Laurel – born Arthur Stanley Jefferson – was actually born in Ulverston in Cumbria, but the 50,000 copies of the brochure had already been printed when the blunder was uncovered.

Bosses at the tourist office claimed it was an honest mistake because Stan Laurel had lived in Bishop Auckland in early life and a bronze statue of the comedy icon is located in the town centre there as a celebration of his life there. The marketing manager at Visit Country Durham claimed this had led to an urban myth forming which had found its way into their marketing materials as the area was so proud of their connection to Laurel.

Stan Laurel’s birth certificate is on display at a museum for Laurel and Hardy and shows that his birth place was in Cumbria. After moving to Bishop Auckland as a child and attending school there, Laurel later moved to America. The tourist office in Bishop Auckland has said that due to tight marketing budgets, they are unable to reprint the brochures immediately but that the mistake will be rectified next year when an updated version of the publication is issued.