Biker pub officially made a tourist attraction

September 26, 2010 by  

Most pub landlords in and around Leicestershire wanting to promote their various entertainment nights employ the services of companies who offer digital printing in Loughborough and the surrounding area to produce posters to draw the crowds to their establishments. Not so a pub landlord in Leicestershire who runs The Victoria Bikers Pub. With the help of a pub regular who goes by the name of ‘Big Al’ Cayless from Loughborough who helps to organise all the events in the pub to cater specifically for bike enthusiasts, the Council has now been convinced of the attraction of the establishment, enough to put official tourist signs up in the area directing people to the pub.

Big Al helps the landlord to organise events for families and riders alike of classic motorbikes and scooters and host rock nights every 2 weeks to cater for this audience. The pub has been enticing punters such as rockers and bikers in for over a decade and now their status as an official destination for biker fans has been cemented by the Leicestershire County Council tourism road signs which have really put the pub on the map. In order to get the pub’s name on a sign, the landlord, John Commons, had to prove that over fifty percent of their customers came from outside of the area. Using a simple form on the bar requesting that punters put their name and addresses down, Mr Commons was able to provide the council with evidence and discovered that people came into his pub from all over the world.