Adobe reiterates support for print industry

January 31, 2010 by  

Adobe, the major US software company and makers of Acrobat, recently closed down its Print Service Provider partner programme. This caused concern within the print industry over whether Adobe was really committed to the print and graphic arts industry – concerns that Adobe was quick to address.

Adobe UK’s John Cunningham stated that Adobe’s decision wasn’t in any way a sign that Adobe wasn’t committed to the print industry and the print market is of vital importance to Adobe.

Cunningham stated:

It’s really just that the official programme, which was created to help with the transition to InDesign, is no longer required.

Maybe it looks a little bit more daunting, or that Adobe isn’t interested in the traditional print side anymore – of course we are, it’s still a huge part of our business.

The decision to close down the ‘Adobe Partner Connection Print Service Provider Program’ was announced by Adobe at the beginning of the month. Adobe blamed a declining membership for the decision.

The main competitor to InDesign in the graphic design industry is Quark, which moved fast to capitalise on Adobe’s decision. Quark announced that it was offering a year’s free membership to its own system, QuarkAlliance, for Adobe users.

Cunningham isn’t fazed by Quark’s move though, believing that users of InDesign aren’t about to suddenly switch to using Quark:

InDesign has such a strong, firm base out there in the industry now and is such a widely-accepted standard, that I don’t see people seeing [the closure of the print partner programme] as negative, as long as they can get the technical support as and when required. It’s not a case of: right, we’ve finished the programme and so now we turn our backs on you.

Cunningham also mentioned that there are two user groups for InDesign currently being run in the UK. They are held in London, and in Print company in Cardiff printing services Cardiff, Wales.