Upbeat economic growth forecast for Preston

January 13, 2018 by  

Entrepreneurs in Preston have predicted a local economic boom.

Various economic initiatives are due to have an impact on the fortunes of Preston. The Guild Hall has received an investment of £10 million from Simon Rigby. Work on Preston Markets is almost completed. Meanwhile, the local authority is making progress on a scheme which should boost tourism. Business card printing within Preston may see a surge in demand when the local economy gains momentum.

Richard Simkin, an executive at the Guild Hall group, told the Lancashire Evening Post:

“Simon has invested a lot of time and money in getting the place turned around. We have seen tangible evidence around the area that others have invested as well. One thing leads to another and it just snowballs.”

The manager at Preston Business Improvement District, Mark Whittle, explained that he has an optimistic perspective on the prospects for the city as investors take another look at the city. He praised the work which has been done on the Guild Hall and celebrated the increase in citycentric activity. Furthermore, he stressed that it was crucial for business in Preston to have a strong collective voice.

Councillor Peter Rankin suggested that 2017 had been a really positive year for Preston. He stressed that the remainder of 2018 should witness even more progress. In particular, he mentioned the potential associated with the modernisation of the bus station.