Preston School cashes in on Lancashire Evening Post competition

June 6, 2011 by  

A local school in Preston has bagged £3,000 of prize money in a competition run jointly by the Lancashire Evening Post and Barclays Bank.

Students at Cadforth Primary School were the lucky winners of the contest, netting a £3,000 share of the £5,000 total prize fund. The contest saw the Lancashire Evening Post print Barclays Money Skills banknotes in the paper each day. This then encouraged parents to buy the paper to help their children collect these bank notes as part of the paper’s Cash For Schools promotion. The school that collected the highest number was awarded with the top prize to enable teachers to promote financial responsibility and capability to their pupils.

This competition was not only an ingenious use of print media from Barclays as a way to advertise to the people of Preston, but it was also a smart move on behalf of the Lancashire Evening Post as a way to sell more newspapers. The success and the uptake of the competition shows that there is still an appetite for print media and that businesses such as Barclays can benefit from advertising in print, either in black and white or via full colour printing, whether in a newspaper or on a poster or flyer.

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary and Preston’s Royal Cross Primary School were runners up in the competition and both received £1,000 each towards their teaching programmes to equip children with the skills they need to handle money responsibly.