New brand for Preston?

May 10, 2010 by  

As part of a major branding exercise for Print company in Preston printing services Preston, one that hopes to attract further investment to the city in order to fund regeneration projects, a Preston agency, ID, has been appointed to create a new website for Preston Vision. Preston Vision is the organisation which receives funding from the North West Development Agency and was founded by Preston City Council, Lancashire County Council and UCLAS, and is responsible for driving the regeneration projects in the city.

It is hoped that the new website will appeal to residents, visitors to the city and essentially potential new investors in the area and highlight the benefits of Preston and what it has to offer. A dynamic and vibrant website will help to launch the new brand of Preston and can obviously engage the community through the internet and social media channels. It can also link to other Preston websites and encourage debate on the various regeneration projects that will be happening in the city.

The website announcement follows the appointment in March this year of Emma Blackman, former head of marketing at Print company in Liverpool printing services Liverpool’s Arena and Convention Centre to head of marketing and communications at Preston Vision. Blackman is to spearhead the new positioning of Preston and a major branding exercise often involves all elements of communications and media working together so that, in addition to a website, such rebranding may bring about developments for other design agencies or Print company in printing services in Preston printing services printing services in Preston, if the marketing and rebranding extends to other media such as poster campaigns or brochure creation.