Mohammed Isap scoops Digital Media Award

December 5, 2009 by  

Mohammed Isap is director of MPG Ltd, a Greater Manchester reprographics, print and digital imaging company. He is a representative on the board of the Ethnic Minority Business Forum and Chair of Governors at Wensley Fold CE (VC) Primary School and Tuaheedal Islam Girls’ High School. He is also a board member of Blackburn College.

Entrepreneur Mohammed was awarded the creative digital and new media accolade at the annual northwest Tiger Awards, The event is organised by the Asian Business Federation. MPG started in 2002 serving smaller businesses through to multinationals. They can provide exhibition systems, printing, document scanning, archiving services and merchandising. The business has been successful and is expanding. MPG has now added a 3D animation division which has already received substantial contracts during its first year.

Success like this, achieved in just seven years, is both encouraging and inspirational to printing companies in the northwest region. It serves as an exemplar model. For example, a print company in Preston might not be aware of the EM Business Forum and the advantages it might bring through the interaction of its members. The Tiger Awards provide a motivational focus, something to aspire to. Printing companies in Preston who might now consider joining the Business Forum would benefit positively from the experience. Relevant discussion, the sharing of best business practice, keeping updated on industry innovation and the promotion of healthy competition are just some of the main things the Forum has to offer. This would help to generating a positive atmosphere amongst members in Preston.