Lottery grant could increase the need for postcard printing in Preston

February 8, 2011 by  

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded a grant of £1.1 million to Preston’s Harris Museum and Art Gallery as a way to fund the creation and opening of a new cultural facility that is set to celebrate the history and art that shaped Preston. The project is set to give the Harris Museum and Art gallery a complete makeover that will result in it being renamed and unveiled as the Guild Gallery when the transformation is complete. This change should see a rise in the demand for postcard printing in Preston as the gallery is sure to capitalise on visitors by opening a gift shop or souvenir stand to allow visitors to take home a token that reminds them of the gallery.

Postcard printing has been used in Preston for a number of years to display the city’s cultural attractions and has often proved a beneficial way of generating extra income for tourist attractions. The Guild Gallery could look to use a local printing company based in Preston to produce souvenir postcards using specialist postcard printing techniques that would produce a professional result. By using a local print company in Preston, the Guild Gallery would also be staying true to its philosophy of supporting local businesses, artists and historians.

The lottery grant will enable the Guild Gallery to build on its already impressive collection of art and historical artefacts, which at the moment includes an Elk skeleton which is over 1,000 years old and a collection of photographs of Preston from the 19th Century. These photographs could be translated into postcards easily which could be then printed and sold in Preston.