Loss of staff following large investment

February 11, 2010 by  

Companies around Preston that make up the printing industry, which is highly competitive in the best of times, will always be considering the question, what is best time to invest in new machinery? This will be true for the small companies offering business card printing in Preston through to the large print operations. Unfortunately, the acquisition of new machinery can sometimes affect staffing levels.

An example which illustrates this is the loss of about 14 staff from Preston based printing company Pindar last year. The company invested £18 million over the previous two years and decommissioned two of its old Heidelberg presses. As a result of this the company had to shed nine jobs in the print room and about five in the bindery.

Chairman Andrew Pindar said:

“We have invested in production capacity; there is less need for the labour and we cannot go on carrying as many people as we have. It is with regret that these changes will necessitate a reduction in staffing. This decision has not been taken lightly, but will enable the Preston site to continue to provide an efficient and appropriate service to ensure the longevity of the business.”

When to invest remains a premier question for Preston business card printers and large print firms alike. Investment can sometimes lead to redundancies but it can also mean that the print company continues in business and, hopefully, maybe some of those lost jobs will return in the future.