Leaflet crackdown in Preston

June 14, 2010 by  

There could be a crackdown on flyer printing in Preston following the announcement that companies leafleting may come under closer scrutiny. Leafleting in Preston without a licence from the council may be banned in new measures that are being considered.

Environment chiefs at the council will be debating plans to introduce an annual licence to any companies who want to distribute advertising leaflets in the city centre and around the universities. Similar to a system already running in Manchester City Centre, the licences are granted on a points basis with costs to the advertiser dependent on the activity that they want to run – over what period, which days and how big the campaign would be. Fines would be given to anyone found operating a leaflet campaign without the relevant licence.

Details are still to be ironed out but the proposals are being considered as a response to litter problems, particularly around the city centre and university quarter, such as close to the University of Central Lancashire. Leafleting was also seen as a nuisance to people passing by, with some areas being overrun with leafleters and some aggressively shoving their flyers into people’s hands.

Leaflets and flyers are a cost effective way for many advertisers, particularly small businesses, to get their messages in front of their audience and it can be a very highly targeted form of communication. However, it has to be done in the right way and aggressively targeting people or flouting council laws can give the very opposite impression of your company than the one you intended to give.