Lancashire Constabulary helps local residents feel safer over Halloween

November 5, 2011 by  

Residents of Preston and the wider Lancashire area were given extra support this Halloween to help them feel safe from unwanted trick or treaters.

As part of a drive to combat anti-social behaviour in Lancashire, local police stepped up their patrols around the end of October, which is a time of year when youths have been known to partake in anti-social activities under the guise of ‘trick or treating’.

As well as increasing the local police presence, Lancashire constabulary also offered a poster on their website that was free to download, stating ‘Do not disturb. Trick or treaters… We hope you have a happy Halloween but please do not call here.’ This is an example of how anti-social behaviour can be controlled using services like poster printing.

Preston Police inspector Ian Cooper commented on the Halloween issue, saying:

“Halloween is renowned for the ‘trick or treat’ tradition and whilst we don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun, we want everyone to be safe and feel safe. We know that some of our more vulnerable and elderly members of the community feel a little nervous at this time of year which is why we will be carrying out extra patrols across the county. Trick or treaters should never go into houses, be careful not to frighten vulnerable people, be visible, behave responsibly and look carefully before crossing the road.”

Reports on how successful the campaign has been are expected to filter through in the coming weeks and similar activity can be expected next Halloween if these posters and advice had the desired effect in controlling anti-social behaviour.