Vodafone denies tax claims

November 5, 2010 by  

Companies offering Print company in flyer printing in Potters Bar printing services flyer printing in Potters Bar or other areas of London helped activists close down the Print company in Oxford printing services Oxford Street branch of Vodafone as they handed out leaflets to passersby to spread the word about Vodafone’s alleged tax avoidance.

In the region of 60 activists were involved in the temporary closure of the Vodafone Oxford Street store as they handed out leaflets making allegations that are strongly denied by Vodafone themselves and HM Revenue and Customs. Protestors, who targeted other stores at the weekend in other parts of the country, are demonstrating against schemes which they claim Vodafone runs to avoid paying some tax. The figure they claim is around six billion pounds in non-payment of tax, which protestors say could go some way to avoid some of the Government’s recently announced cuts.

HM Revenue and Customs is accused by the demonstrators of allowing Vodafone to forgo a payment of six billion pounds in tax when the company settled an outstanding tax bill. The group claim this money should be put towards social welfare during these difficult economic times. However, Vodafone and HMRC deny these claims with Vodafone labelling them as an ‘urban myth’ and stating that the company pays its taxes in the UK as it should. HMRC denies an outstanding tax bill of six billion pounds is owed by Vodafone.

The protestors’ campaign gathered pace using Twitter and online petitions and some 60 activists managed to close the Oxford Street, London store by blocking the entrance and sitting on the floor.