Royal Mail to launch new marketing service

June 26, 2010 by  

Print company in Print companies in Ware printing services Print companies in Ware who supply direct mail materials for businesses in the area may see an increase in orders following the news that the Royal Mail has launched a new online mail service for marketers. Marketers who are looking to send out unaddressed mail campaigns will be able to use the Royal Mail’s new service called ‘Customer Finder’ which will be offered online and should make it easier for advertisers to streamline their campaign data to meet certain requirements.

Royal Mail says that their ‘Customer Finder’ service should make it much easier for businesses that use its services for direct mail to target new consumers. Advertisers who are looking to incorporate direct mail campaigns, such as leaflet drops, will be able to support their national or regional broadcast television or radio advertising campaigns with leaflets targeted to residents living with the specific area that their radio or TV campaigns are broadcast. Businesses will also be able to target any potential consumers within a certain distance or drive time from their premises providing targeting on a very localised level.

Door drops are a very cost efficient and effective way for businesses to market their products and services to potential customers. Customer Finder, it is hoped, will reduce wastage by helping companies effectively reach their target consumers and therefore get more relevant targeting from their budgets. Customers will receive more relevant marketing materials which should therefore increase engagement with a company’s advertising efforts – which can only be a good thing for businesses.