Potters Bar theatre welcomes Johnny Cash show

June 14, 2017 by  

The only Johnny Cash show to have received endorsement by the family of the late singer will be coming to Potters Bar on Thursday 15th of June, when Clive John will play ‘The Man in Black’ at Wyllyotts Theatre.

Both fans of the singer and country music in general are in for a treat when they witness Clive John assume the confidence and style that was unmistakeably Johnny Cash.

John has perfected the distinctive, deep voice of the country singer when performing such classics as ‘A Thing Called Love’, ‘Prison Blues’, and ‘Walk the Line’. The show also features some wonderful duets, such as ‘Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time’.

The music never stops with the set list never ceasing to delight fans. Darren Bazzoni on drums, Nick Davis on guitars, and Martin Bentley will all be performing on the night.

The Carter Sisters performed by Amanda Stone and Louise Masters add a touch of glamour. The Carter/Cash family approved the show, with the production having been seen by Johnny Cash’s eldest daughter Roseanne, along with Vivian Liberto Cash Distin, Cash’s first wife.

The show should sell tickets based on word of mouth and the long-standing popularity of Cash, but promoters will be utilising local print companies to ensure that their leaflet printing includes information about the latest performances.