Potters Bar to see stars of Strictly Come Dancing

December 15, 2017 by  

Professional dancer Giovanni Pernice is on his way to Potters Bar.

The Strictly Come Dancing star has recently announced a new date on his tour. Pernice is bringing his ‘Born to Win’ spectacle to a theatre in Potters Bar. He shall be performing at Wyllyotts Theatre during July next year. Print shops in Potters Bar can be used by firms that want to promote events of all kinds.

Pernice is going to be busy in 2018, as he has already pencilled in to his diary an April date for a performance in Stevenage. Having taken his show to the Rhodes Art Complex, he will dance at the Gordon Craig Theatre. He has made a big impression on the television with the help of Debbie McGee, his celebrity partner in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. Together they wowed the judging panel and progressed to the semi-finals.

Pernice will be dancing with a professional during the course of his Born to Win trip. He has firm plans to team up with Luba Mushtuk. The Russian dancer has travelled the globe as well as gracing Strictly Come Dancing. Mushtuk learnt dance in Italy and has the capacity to speak a trio of languages.

The creative director of Strictly Come Dancing, Jason Gilkison, will assist in putting on the show at Potters Bar. The choreography of Gilkison should ensure that the audience has much to admire.