Posters to catch the Pope’s attention

September 2, 2010 by  

Companies offering poster printing in Potters Bar or other areas of London will be able to assist a group who are looking bring their message to the attention of Pope Benedict when he comes to the capital later in the month. The Pope will be visiting London as part of his short tour of England and Scotland, reportedly the first ever official visit from the Pope to the country.

According to the Press Association, the Catholic Women’s Ordination (CWO), a group that campaigns for the ordination of women as priests, have booked some media space to put their message to the Pope on his visit. Buying the media space on 15 buses across the capital, they will carry the posters claiming that the Pope should “Ordain Women Now!”. The buses will travel across the city and along major routes such as round Westminster Hall, particularly important as this is where the Pope is set to give a speech.
It is increasingly common for such groups to make their voices heard by employing the services of print companies, with many using poster, flyer and banner printing as part of their campaigns.

The Catholic Women’s Ordination group reportedly claim that they are not aiming to be disruptive to the Pope’s visit but just want to make the case for change in order for the church to survive. Although, the group are not planning to take part in a wider demonstration that is being organised by gay rights groups, humanists and scientists against the Pope’s visit, the bus poster campaign will be followed up by the CWO with a protest from the group outside Lambeth Palace where a meeting is due to take place between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope.