Posters drive London commuters to Costa

July 14, 2010 by  

Commuters around London tube stations, such as at Print company in Potters Bar printing services Potters Bar, will start to see an abundance of advertising and marketing activity from Costa Coffee around the city as the coffee shop chain hopes to raise awareness of their launch of new stores to rival competitors, Starbucks.

Costa Coffee will be pushing their new ‘metropolitan’ stores in their marketing efforts. The stores are aimed specifically at City customers and their lifestyles and, as the strap line for advertising says, it is “Something a little different from Costa”. The new store opens in London first and it is hoped that through express queues, loyalty cards and free Wi-fi, the ‘metropolitan’ stores will encourage Londoners to visit to either conduct a business meeting or get a coffee on the run.

The stores are to rival Starbuck’s ‘retro’ stores and the services offered by Costa are based on their consumer research which uncovered what a City audience wants from its coffee shop (besides a coffee!). It was discovered that service and speed were essential for some and a separate zone to relax or take a meeting around a large table was also felt to be beneficial.

The new store in London will be marketed using online advertising, direct marketing and in-store promotions. However, poster advertising will also be used to raise awareness with commuters from around London, including Potters Bar, as they go about their daily journeys and encourage footfall to the new store. For a similar strategy, there are companies you can work with who offer Print company in poster printing in Potters Bar printing services poster printing in Potters Bar, or in your local area in London, that can help you target the commuter audience in London.