Poster printing in Ware could help recruit more school governors

March 25, 2011 by  

Schools in Ware are looking to recruit new governors to help provide pupils with the best possible education. Local authorities have enlisted the help of the School Governors’ One Stop Shop, a national charity that helps schools to get the most out of their school governors. One of the main issues that schools have when encouraging people to become governors is getting their message out to the public. This is where companies offering services like poster printing in Ware could help. The charity and local school boards need to communicate the fact that anyone over the age of 18 can become a school governor – they do not have to be in a specific job, nor do they need to be parents of children studying at the school. Volunteers simply need to be willing to help children make the most of their education by helping schools to be the best they can be. Poster printing would be an ideal way of communicating this message as it would mean that high level information could easily be conveyed to potential volunteers and this could be combined with a strong call to action, such as giving a phone number or web address encouraging candidates to find out more about the campaign.

Local authorities have often used poster printing in Ware in the past as a way to recruit people as volunteers and so this tried-and-tested method of communication should enable the local schools in Ware to recruit the right people to take part in the School Governors programme.