Polo re-launch in store

August 27, 2010 by  

Convenience store retailers around Ware will be starting to see a big push in-store as Nestle look to reinvigorate their Polo brand for the first time in ten years. The familiar mint with a hole in the middle, although an iconic brand in Britain, has not seen an advertising push for a decade and the re-launch will see the fun and quirkier personality of the mint highlighted rather than the ‘fresher breath’ approach taken by most mint brand advertising.

The creative will focus on ‘Suckers or Crunchers’ with the strap line “Life’s too short to suck”. The suckers and the crunchers are the two most common types of polo mint customers that have been identified. The new campaign was developed by agency, CHI & Partners and will run across PR, online and outdoor advertising. Point of sale is a big focus of the campaign as Nestle identified that consumers are very receptive to strategically placed in store marketing. Particularly for a purchase such as mints which is a low cost item with much competition in the market place, point of sale presence plays a very important part in consumer’s buying decisions. Polo’s campaign will also run in motorway service stations.

Other retailers in Ware wanting to take advantage of the responsive mood of their shoppers when in-store should consider looking for companies who offer poster printing in Ware to develop strong point of sale display materials offering stand out from competition and compelling reasons to purchase.