Olympic poster exhibition comes to London

September 12, 2010 by  

A century of the Olympic Games is being celebrated in London this month as an exhibition of posters from Games gone by comes to the capital, in anticipation of London’s 2012 Olympic Games. The vintage poster collection captures the spirit of past Olympic Games from around the World and there will be more than 100 examples of work on display at the London exhibition.

The poster collection comes to the Central Library in Sutton and will be featured in the Europa Gallery. Visitors can enjoy work such as the oldest poster in the exhibition, which comes from as far back as 1912 when the Olympics was held in Stockholm. Other works includes a poster advertising London’s last Olympic Games in the July of 1948 and also the Berlin Olympics in 1936, where four gold medals were won by Jesse Owens. The posters reflect the times in history, the politics and the culture as well as a record of the Games themselves and the exhibition includes the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games with a Soviet-era inspired creative. Alongside the posters, there will be a selection of memorabilia on display from summer and winter Olympic Games. Items will include the London Olympics torch from 1948.

The exhibition comes from Beijing and will also be taken round the world to Adelaide and Mumbai before it comes back to the capital in time for the 2012 Olympics where poster and Print company in banner printing printing services banner printing specialists from Print company in Potters Bar printing services Potters Bar and other areas of London will have been producing poster designs to promote the forthcoming Games taking place in London in 2012.