Mulberry plans 90 new shops across the world

March 30, 2012 by  

British fashion institution Mulberry is planning to open a whopping 90 new shops around the world over the coming three years, according to a report in Design Week.

Mulberry is an iconic British fashion design house, made famous by its celebrity-favoured handbags and accessories. The brand currently owns shops across the world but it recently announced an expansion plan that would see a further 30 shops being opened each year for three years.

Mulberry has enlisted the help of shop design agency Universal Studio Design, who will work alongside an architect to ensure that the shops live up to the high-end brand values. These shops will also no doubt require services such as visual merchandising and Print company in POS printing printing services POS printing.

From Print company in Potters Bar printing services Potters Bar to Perth, Mulberry is renowned throughout the UK for being synonymous with style and luxury. Universal Design Studio created the plans for Mulberry’s shop in London’s Bond Street as well as creating plans for the Spring Street shop in New York. A spokesperson for Universal Design Studio recently commented on the new shop designs that are being created for Mulberry, saying these shops are set to be in line with the same type of central ideas and values as the other Mulberry projects that Universal Design Studio has worked on in the past.

The layout of a new shop is as crucial to its success, as is the promotion of it by traditional advertising channels such as leaflet and Print company in brochure printing printing services brochure printing. Mulberry’s investment in shop planning will ensure that their brand message is consistent even as they roll out more shops across the globe.