Innovative posters for Pizza Company

January 14, 2012 by  

A pizza company are blurring the line between online activity and poster printing, thanks to a new augmented reality campaign.

Domino’s Pizza has rolled out a series of posters that have a special twist when scanned using a mobile phone application – they come to life and become interactive.

Strategically placed at bus stops and in other public places, these posters are designed to be viewed whilst they have a captive audience. For example, if someone is waiting for a bus and they use their mobile device to scan the advertisement, they could be likely to place an order for pizza there and then, using their mobile’s web capabilities.

This new technology is called augmented reality and it adds as digital layer on top of a traditional print communication. Augmented reality could be seen to breathe new life into the poster printing industry as many big brands and retailers are now trialling similar campaigns. Household names like Tesco and Cadbury are known to be trialling this new method of poster printing.

From Potter’s Bar to Perth, augmented reality posters seem to be sweeping the country. This technology does not affect the way the printed poster looks and it does not require a special type of ink or a certain method of printing. Instead, the mobile phone application uses the poster as a ‘marker’ which then triggers content to be played on the mobile device. This means that any piece of printed communication could have a digital layer applied over it, either before or after the printed document has been created.