Horse awareness meeting held in Hertfordshire

August 30, 2013 by  

A consultation took place recently to discuss the issue of horse riders travelling on roads in Potters Bar.

The event was organised to make people aware of the safety measures that need to be observed by the public when they spot the animals blocking the way. It was organised by the local police force which is encouraging the area’s riders to help put together a demonstration of how to ride safely on roads. It is hoped that by getting all parties involved, a mutual respect will be built between the riders and drivers.

Similar campaigns have been put together by authorities to encourage people to look out for cyclists on the road and to protect them; and many have been highly successful. The recent Think Bike, Think Biker campaign is thought to have had a positive impact on how people perceive cyclists and motorcyclists and authorities in Potters Bar hope that their horse awareness initiative will have a similar impact.

Awareness campaigns are often more successful if they are supported by strong messages – either in the form of imagery or hard-hitting text. This could be achieved with the help of eye-catching signs, posters and banners, all of which can be produced using full colour printing. Potters Bar is home to professional print companies which are well-practised in producing this kind of collateral.

People wishing to find out more about safety and horses on the roads of the region can do so by visiting the Herts Police Equine Facebook page.